DOOMED with Matt Binder features in-depth interviews and commentary on the right-wing Twitter-verse and related shenanigans therein. Rich with professional wrestling analogies! There is also a YouTube channel at

The Dig: Discussing the Politics of American Class Warfare from Jacobin. This is an excellent show with real leftists discussing the issues the left is confronting. Jacobin may be the best up-and-coming Marxist rag I know.  [ RSS ]

The Majority Report with Sam Seder is my daily news show. Between the interviews (I really love tort weeks!) the right-wing insanity analysis and the regular @AndyKindler appearances there’s something for everyone. I don’t want to say that I support no other independent media, but I do support MR. [ RSS ]

Chapo Trap House is the premier leftist millenial podcast that features both leftists and millenials. It is hard to explain all the ways that this show is both smarter and funnier while maintaining a hard edge of crude humor and Gorka bits. I can’t explain it properly, you have to listen. [ RSS ]

Intercepted is probably doing some of the most important work in the podcast journalism realm, as we would expect from The Intercept. Jeremy Scahill is in the vanguard of the three or four real reporters taking on the national security state, corporate power, climate deniers and all the other assholes turning the world to shit. The occasional Trump sketch at the beginning of episodes is a welcome laugh before an hour of serious news. [ RSS ]

Pod Damn America is a new show from comedian Jake Flores. He’s the guy you may have heard of recently who got a little visit from Homeland Security agents after making a joke on Twitter about Cinco de Mayo. I like the guy.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Is this valuable news? Nope. It’s about as far from valuable or news as you can get. But sometimes a good laugh is necessary. To quote the show’s official description: “What is the dumbest show you can imagine? This award-winning show may be dumber.” [ RSS ] Also I like Judge John Hodgman. Who doesn’t like some judgment? [ RSS ]


ProPublica is one of the leading investigative organizations in the country. Their mission: To expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing.

emptywheel is Marcy Wheeler’s website. She is one of the most diligent and uncompromising independent journalists working the nat-sec/civil liberties beat.

The Interept is my go-to choice for news regarding civil liberties, spying, international intrigue and, like, Edward Snowden stuff.

ThinkProgress should be your daily 5-minute progressive news check-in.

The Hapless Rube's Apocalypse Survival Guide | by Jack Barker 

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