Recent political events in the United States have made the issues of wealth inequality, social justice, environment and climate even more  critical to the survival of the middle class and working poor, if not the very civilization. Let’s just say we were losing before the unhinged Nazi assumed the highest office in the Republic.

I am a regular working-class person trying to make sense of news, politics, and the ever-worsening prospects of people like me, that is, those of us left behind by the economic bullet-train that swept through town and ferried the 1% off to their tropical moon base or whatever, leaving the rest of us complaining about the scraps and working 60 hours/wk for the privilege.

I’m working to bring you the news and information relevant to and stories about American working men and women in today’s predatory, mendacious, and vexing economy. There used to be a thing they called prosperity, and maybe if enough people get informed (and VOTE) we can get it back.

Please consider checking back soon if you would like to stay informed about life in the ever-worsening kleptocratic AND plutocratic republic of the United States.

Comments are welcome, let’s discuss!

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