Bernie on Rogan

Bernie Sanders stopped by the Joe Rogan Experience last week for an interview. Rogan has one of the largest podcast/YouTube/”new media” audiences in the world.

He has also been criticized (fairly, in my mind) for maintaining a guest list that skews to the right, as they politely say. He may be concerned about that critique, he may not be. But he or someone there had the good sense to book the junior Senator from Vermont, to discuss the 2020 campaign and the long list of issues that Bernie is addressing in ways that are unique to his campaign in an overcrowded field.

The response to the interview, at least in my media ecosystem, has been extremely positive. The YouTube video has over 8.5 million views, and it has reached an audience of younger viewers who have not been fully exposed to the transformational nature of the Sanders campaign. If you’d like to hear from Bernie and aren’t interested in the Times’ made up critique that nobody heard him at the Iowa State Fair then maybe check this out.

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