Koch Bros./Libertarians Confirm: Medicare for All is a Great Idea

It was noted with some amusement earlier in the week that the libertarian Mercatus Center released a report detailing the impact of the implementation of a Bernie Sanders-style Medicare for All plan. The big news? More than $2T in savings over ten years. That’s a lot of Hot Pockets, kiddos!

The headlines were gratifying, to say the least. Like this one from Jacobin:

Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

Or this from Splinter:

Medicare for All Will Save Trillions, Conservative Wonks Forced to Admit

What do these headlines tell me? That the activism surrounding the Medicare for All movement is working, the media can’t ignore it forever, and that yes, it really is a good idea. When the Koch brothers’ own think tank has to say it will save money, by their logic, it must be a great idea. Yes, saving money and saving lives, well, we’ll have to deal with the second part later, but we sure like saving money!

Keep up the activism, keep writing letters, demand that your Democratic members know this will continue to be an issue. Despite what your NYT Opinion page acquaintances may tell you, Medicare for All is a great litmus test. How are you going to stand up to Putin if you don’t support a Medicare for All plan similar to the one outlined by Senator Sanders??? What could be more disruptive to our electoral process than poor and working class people dying for no reason???

If you have some the honor of living in a red state and the extra honor of having some fucking Freedom Caucus nut representing you, make sure they know how much you would appreciate saving all that wonderful, delicious money. And vote against them in the midterms.

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