Mike Huckabee Continues His Sad Decline

Found this gem on Splinter News.

Ol’ Huck posted a very inspirational message to the victims of the Gazette shooting. (Not pictured, Huck’s arguments for why there should be no gun control.):

And just in case you were wondering, here’s a glimpse into the Governor’s views on the subject (from WGNTV:

When asked about banning “bump stocks,” which police confirm the Vegas gunman used to his make semi-automatic weapons fire as rapidly as automatic ones, he said: “What we need to be banning is the hatred that got into this guy’s heart.”

Huckabee does not believe this is the time to be debating gun control.

“I was outraged and stunned that there were politicians who, even before the bodies were cleared from the streets of Las Vegas, were already politicizing this,” he said.

Ah, the conservative mind at work. Yes, yes, we should be banning hatred, obviously! And can you imagine! People politicizing an issue their politicians refuse to address due to massive corruption! Outrageous!

Huckabee somehow is getting less and less comically valuable, and I read his book, for fuck’s sake. Word of advice—don’t.

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