video: America is Nazis now.

Wolf Blitzer Learns ICE Director Sounds Like Asshole, Nazi

Well, good news, libtards! The brave officers of ICE are only following orders, folks! There’s nothin’ wrong with that! That excuse has been an airtight defense since at least 1945. Here, let me just find my citation… Oh, wait! Actually, “just following orders” has a special name. It is called the Nuremburg Defense. Let me just type that into Google and see who was defending themselves there in the late 40s…


[musical interlude]

Before viewing the next thing I want to show you about how we’re descending into unmitigated fascism, here’s a nice little tune:

Laura Ingraham Learns That Jeff Sessions Is Fellow Asshole, Nazi

These people are beyond despicable. The idea that Jeff Sessions, your Attorney General, has to point out that hey, we can’t be Nazis, I mean, look, Hitler prevented Jews from leaving his country is beyond insane.

Does anyone know why the Image result for laura ingraham nazi photoFinal Solution to the Jewish Question was called that, and not called the First Solution We Thought Of? Anyone? Because they couldn’t expel the Jews fast enough, and the ones that did leave, the SS would just find them in the next country they invaded. Tough stuff, folks!

Here is how quickly we are descending, as illustrated by what the psychotic Republican party talks about, ad nauseam, to get their base fired up about brown people:

  • 5 years ago: Terrorists coming over the southern border
  • 2 years ago: Illegal immigrants coming over the southern border
  • Today: People seeking asylum from abuse and death in their home countries, usually presenting themselves at the southern border.

Why is that last group dangerous? Well, they’re just pretending to need asylum in order to get in here to A) take our jobs B) steal our welfare and/or C) working with the Democrat party’s sex slave operations to help Comet Pizzagate. (Wait for it, it’s coming.)

And what is your representative doing about it? Probably getting a full night’s sleep.

If you voted for Trump then you were probably beyond saving even back in 2016, anyway. I hope the possibly violent backlash to these Nazis doesn’t propagate too far into the powerless, psychotic moron underclass that supports it.

Have a great night!

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