Elizabeth Warren Criticized Democrats Who Voted For Bad Bank Bill

It took a little prodding, but Senator Elizabeth Warren did admit to Mehdi Hasan on the Deconstructed podcast that there are not enough Democrats willing to stand up to Wall Street. It easy to imagine Warren is not eager to criticize any Democrats in a midterm year, but the fact that she eventually admits that something bad was not caused only by Republicans is good, at least as much as that can be an indicator of her thinking about what the real issues for midterm platforms could be shaping up to be. Its a minor point, I guess, but she is prominent enough to shape some thinking on this.

Warren’s always been vocal about breaking the power of big banks, but it is always refreshing to hear someone, even halfheartedly, admit that Democrats empower corporate and financial political interests, even in a broad sense. She’s not kicking ass but she is signalling that there is an issue with the endemic corruption emanating from the financial sector.

[Read The Intercept and listen to Deconstructed.]


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