Why Not Use Encrypted Email? #infosec

[The following originally appeared on wrongtree.info, where I follow non-political endeavors and interests. Encryption is one way to resist the burgeoning police state. As long as we have encryption tools, I think people should use them, even if they don’t need them.]

A drawing of Guy Fawkes in a crowd of storm troopers
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I just setup a free email account with ProtonMail, my new favorite Swiss email service.

Tired of not having an encrypted email account? Sick of tyrannical government officials reading all those important marketing emails from various retailers? Have you been dying to do just one thing as cool as Edward Snowden?

No? Neither was I. I just consider it a good idea to sign up because it may help to support the platform. The more people using encryption services the stronger the argument becomes against authorities who want companies to build back doors into software and electronic devices.

You may not have anything to hide, but you can add some noise to help obscure the signals of people who do. (Just because you have something to hide does not mean you have done anything wrong. One might offer Snowden here, as an example.)

ProtonMail says they don’t log any IP information, your email is protected by end-to-end encryption, and they are sure to point out that they even provide that world-famous Swiss privacy. All the servers are in Switzerland, so your email is as safe as Nazi gold!

And you don’t need to enter any personal information to create an account. It can be truly anonymous.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean your email is encrypted once you send it to someone. It means that your account is private, and if you communicate with someone who is using their own encrypted account you will have fully secure communications.

It is an open source platform and is supported by donations and by subscriptions to paid accounts. A free account includes 500MB of storage and 150 messages per day. A “plus” plan is 4€ per month and offers 5GB storage, 1000 messages per day, the ability to send encrypted messages to external recipients, custom domain support and more. There are even enterprise plans available for 6.25€ per month.

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