Memorial Day

You don’t need to make a CNN appearance over it but just as a general thing to support, sure, I support the “troops.” I am as grateful as anyone else for living in a country defended by such fine men and women over the centuries.

But I think the real people deserving our attention this Memorial Day is that beautiful master class who start all wars and make money on both sides of every conflict. The people who run a society where capitalism has distracted everyone into obedience, where we pay with our lives whether it’s by getting bombed by a drone or getting cancer from only having toxic water at home.

The fact that we’re turned against each other in order to maintain a global capitalist system before all else is what needs to be observed this day. The American guy in Fallujah or some other shithole has more in common with the people that live there than he does with the people that sent him there, and we all know it and we all ignore it.

Every conflict, every war, and every “precision strike” during my lifetime has been one of choice, and often just for show, where my safety was not threatened, and resulted in some unknowable toll of suffering, executed by other working-class people who just went to work that day.

Who sent them there? Who financed all those missile systems, and built the factories to build those jets, and boots, and everything else? Well, we all paid for it, that much we know.

Isn’t the fact that those people are able to govern a world where working people destroy each other for wages some kind of monumental achievement? Not a good one, no, but pretty impressive.

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