These Democrats Endorse Torture

Yesterday, the Senate voted to confirm known torturer (and destroyer of evidence of torture) Gina Haspel to lead the CIA.

She is now the Director of the CIA.

While we cannot expect any Republican lawmakers to stand up to such immoral and degenerate behavior, you may be forgiven for wishing you were even slightly surprised to learn that six Democrats voted along with their Trump-aligned colleagues.

I’m going to give Joe Manchin a pass, because he’s fucking terrible and everyone has known that for quite a long time.

The list continues:

Joe Donnelly, Indiana, asshole.

Bill Nelson, Florida, asshole.

Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota, moron and asshole.

Mark Warner, Virginia, disingenuous asshole.

And finally, Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire. That’s right. I think I may have voted for her a while ago. She seems to think people will buy this bullshit, according to the AP:

She said she welcomed Haspel’s recognition that the interrogation program “harmed our nation’s moral leadership and her pledge that it will never be used again.” She said Haspel’s extensive career and experience at the CIA have well prepared her to lead it.

Yeah, I can’t really think of any time government officials said they thought bad stuff was bad and they promised not to do it again. I feel like the government usually keeps its promises. Until it decides to say fuck it.

If Jeanne Shaheen sees a future where Democratic voters support torture, and support Senators who endorse torture, then, well, maybe she has no fucking idea what’s going on. New Hampshire may not be the most progressive state, but someone could make a serious attempt to primary her on this issue, and an ambitious Republican could even, theoretically, use this against her, and it would work.

Not that any Republican would be able to think and execute that strategically. (Rand Paul notwithstanding, as he has a congenital civil liberties-observance disorder)

Gina Haspel is a despicable person, now in charge of a despicable agency in a country that mercilessly pursues a perpetual global war on everyone. And right there, helping it along, Jeanne frickin’ Shaheen, dude. Gross.

I, along with many others, say fuck them.

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