Book: Live Work Work Work Die by Corey Pein

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Live Work Work Work Die – A Journey Into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley by Corey Pein

I heard an interview with this guy and it sounds like a great idea for a book: Why have so many people placed their faith for building a sustainable future in the hands of tech billionaires and the crazed aspirations of Silicon Valley?

Why do people insist that technology can solve every problem, and that we should give this handful of corporations such broad regulatory leeway while they “innovate” and “disrupt” the planet into the great techno-utopia they’ve promised? It may be worth noting that all we really have to show for this so far is a near-total surveillance state, controlled by under-taxed corporations and they governments that represent them.

Corey Pein moved to Silicon Valley at the height of the tech boom and began “skulking” his way through conferences and pitch meetings with venture capitalists.

Definitely on my list.

*I haven’t read this but it will be old by the time I get to it.

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