White House Correspondents Dinner #WHCD

I know everyone is still discussing Michelle Wolf’s speech from the White House Correspondents Association Dinner held Saturday night at some place where some scholarship people something something. She is funny. Republicans hate that. They hate the fact that that pronoun and that adjective could be accurately used to describe someone who just spent an evening describing them.

I don’t know where to start exploring why women and humor are incompatible with the conservative mind, but here’s the speech:

But the real outrage is…

Paul Ryan! Holy crap does this guy suck. You’d think all that Koch bro money would pay for at least one good conservative joke, but no. Maybe they paid for some of these jokes, I don’t know. They sure suck, though. If the best line is implying that you had humble roots and worked as a waiter then you are not actually telling a joke, you are trying to pander. But you suck at that, too.

How does this guy think he’s going to run for president? Paul Ryan will make people remember how strong and agile Jeb Bush was when Trump II starts going after him in the first debates.


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