The Power and Vision

gnome-systemFrom the very beginning, Amazon (aka the Bezos) was focused and determined on turning a weird computer-based bookseller into a monopolistic commercial power with global control.

Alex Shephard writes in the New Republic why having 100 million Prime subscribers means so much for Amazon and the world. (I have a hard time believing 2/3 of American households have Prime, but I guess that may just prove that I’m a disgusting communist Luddite… or that I don’t buy enough garbage on the internet to justify paying $99/yr to get things faster.)

Great job, Jeff. Enjoy your non-critical news coverage because Trump says mean things about your newspaper. (Also, don’t shut off my affiliate links! Thank you!)

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 15 15.6″ Laptop Intel Core i5

The New Yorker | Print Magazine Subscription

Homer’s Odyssey | Translated by Norbert A.D. Albertson | Paperback

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