Paul Ryan, Ready and Willing

The common narrative about Paul Ryan is that he is a “serious” policy thinker and, as demonstrated by his lukewarm, partially-disavowed endorsement of Trump during the election, will be some kind of bulwark against Trump’s most extreme, unconstitutional antics.

But that is simplistic and kind of stupid, as explained here. Paul Ryan has been waiting for a President that will sign whatever Congress sends him. That could have been Jeb Bush or John Kasich. It could have even been Rick Perry or any of the other clowns that ran in 2016.

Ryan and the Republican party’s agenda is to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, and anything else that helps poor people survive in this Ayn Randian Kleptopia they’re building. What better distraction could Ryan ask for than an unhinged maniac who gets his policy ideas from a white supremacist?

People are still going on about how Trump’s “wildcard” style or whatever could lead to a break with the Ryan types and the “establishment” within the Republican party. The only break we’re going to see is when Trump has signed all their regressive, punishing bills into law and they decide to let him be impeached.

Ryan needs to be handcuffed to Trump through his entire presidency, no matter how long it lasts.

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