#ACA Repeal Will Cost Many Jobs

The Economic Policy Institute has released a new report outlining some facts about the effects of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Though the Republicans seem to be in a state of disarray on this issue, it is worth noting how bad this move would be for workers, those insured under the ACA, or anyone involved in the economy, whether they are sick or not.

  • $109 billion cut to federal spending in 2019
  • $70 billion lost tax revenue
  • 1.2 million jobs lost or not created due to those spending cuts
  • Job losses in every state

The conservative agenda is to make America sicker, dumber, poorer, and less safe. The idea that you would take away health insurance from 20 million people in order to “help” them and these mythical small-business owners who are being “killed” by regulation is crazy.

Nobody likes the sound of losing their insurance and the Republican leadership knows that. How they will navigate this politically should be interesting (if tragic) especially if they are tied to a madman who will do anything to maintain popularity with his base.


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