Ban the Protest

In the wake of massive protests in response to Trump’s blatantly authoritarian (and foolish) “travel while muslim” ban it is probably a good time to read up on the proposed laws that could effectively outlaw protests being considered across the country.

The case of Denver International Airport may sound reasonable enough–airports are not normal public spaces, etc–but the authorities suggesting it is unlawful to display the constitution or the Bill of Rights is almost comically Orwellian. “Obey the rule of law but do not quote those laws.”


Minnesota is considering a law that would allow municipalities the right to sue protestors to recover expenses incurred by policing the protests. This is a blatant scare tactic being used by the government to discourage people organizing and protesting to defend their rights. You know, the ones in the Bill of Rights? I’d show you what it says, but, you know…

Speaking of scare tactics, how about a law exempting motorists who, ahem, “accidentally” run over protestors?

Only in the land of the free, folks.

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