The poor little White House (Not good! #Sad!) released a statement today complaining that the Democrats are blocking more nominations than they did in the past. It’s just not fair!

Maybe the first good headline in what feels like years.

From whitehouse.gov:


“Obstructionism Not Faced By Previous Presidents”

Really? I wonder why… Not a single person nominated was qualified/legally allowed to serve (without special Congressional approval)? One guy is involved in a lawsuit against the agency he was nominated to head? One lady hates the idea of the department she was nominated to? One guy should be in jail? Another guy should be going to jail?One of them is, like, Rick Perry degree of stupid?

(key: Mattis/Pruitt/DeVos/Mnuchin/Price/Perry)

Then there’s a stupid table of all Trump’s nominees (filename: obstructionism-table_) and how their confirmation times compare to Obama and W.:

obstructionism-table_0Lame and whiny–just like Fascism.



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