The Republican Agenda

I think one of the most important things to remember, and to focus on as a resistance tactic, is that Donald Trump is not going to be some kind of bulwark against the Republican agenda.

That agenda is to make working class Americans dumber, poorer, sicker and less safe. Dumber by dismembering public education and strangling the media and a free and open internet, poorer by refusing to raise minimum wages or invest in jobs programs, sicker by dismantling Obamamcare and turning Medicare and Medicaid into voucher programs or eliminating them completely, and less safe by, frankly, allowing Donald Trump to even be remotely in charge of our national defense. Oh, and climate change–remember, that is an existential threat to our civilization, and these people don’t think it is real.

Trump may have some “wildcard” antics in store, but he is going to sign every single thing Paul Ryan puts in front of him. This needs to be made clear to everyone. Trump can be used to weaken or even destroy the Republican party but only if he is shackled to it when they throw him overboard.

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