Q: Where the hell have you been?

A: Around. Writing other stuff. Publishing a book. Changing careers, working on my car, eating some meals, shoveling snow–you know, the usual.

Q: Anything you’ve been neglecting?

A: No, not that I can think of.

Q: Nothing at all? Nothing blog-related?

A: Oh. Right. I did completely neglect this blog for two years.

Q: Thank you for saying that.

A: Why do you ask? Has something really big happened that will have long-term effects on working people or the basic functioning of our democracy? Do people need a place to find information and strategic thinking to deal with the calamity? Are progressive voices more important than ever? Is there some great thing we need to fight or we will soon be living in a hot and thirsty post-apocalyptic hellscape???

Q: Not that I can think of. Except that one thing.


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