A Quick Rundown

A Fascist has assumed the highest office of the Republic.

Not good.



Despite promises to #draintheswamp the Fascist has stocked his nomination cabinet with insiders and corporatists and, in one exciting example, a guy who has been involved in lawsuits against the agency he has been nominated to lead. #Pruitt

Luckily, the guy who has sued the agency he has been tapped to lead is only going to be in charge of making sure the air and water maintains its current level of marginal toxicity.

This is a good time to point out that Richard M(otherfuckin’) Nixon, of all people, created the #EPA in response to massive civilian demand for such an agency.

After that we have a billionaire who hates public education and an oilman in charge of foreign policy. More on them later if I don’t kill myself.

The most reasonable person, by any real policy metric, is a man with the nick name “Mad Dog.” Sadly, he was technically ineligible, but our brave Congress made an exception. He actually may not be that bad of a pick, especially if you consider that people have been quoted on record as saying that he has thought about stuff.

The list goes on.

But the best has to be Steve Mnuchin. He should just be getting out of jail for his role in the foreclosure crisis. But no, the Obama administration let all the bankers responsible for the 2008 crisis go free, with some extra money from taxpayers just to be nice.

Mnuchin may not be the worst guy in the world but in terms of bankers who abused the system and caused the suffering of millions, for money, he ranks right up there.

David Dayen has a good piece on Mnuchin and a rather large lie.

Now he’ll be in charge of the financial system.

The word “conservative” can no longer have any serious connection to the Republican agenda, if we are being honest with ourselves.

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