As some of you may be aware, at least those of you with televisions, radios, or ears, or eyes, there was a $4 billion midterm election yesterday. “$4 billion” means that a very few people with tons of money bought tons of TV commercials. “Midterm” means that in terms of national offices up for election there was no President getting elected, and only like a third of the Senate, as well as every single Representative, which doesn’t mean much because all they do is run for office, professionally. The House is lobbyist grad-school. What’s important about the midterms is that without a President on the ballot the Democratic party always sees lower turnout than the Republican party. This is why our country is so disfunctional, in part, along with the four fucking billion dollars.

That said, despite the crushing defeat of basically every Democratic candidate for the Senate, as well as some important governorships, (Mr. Outsource America Charlie Baker comes to mind in my dear Commonwealth) there is one very, very important silver lining regarding ballot questions. Well, maybe not silver… Maybe bauxite, which can be refined, with much effort, into something that looks like silver…

That’s right, America: The minimum wage ballot questions in deeply red states totally crushed it. Yes, even states that think they are totally conservative and will eagerly profess their disdain for “socialism” (or, yes, sadly, what they still call “communism,”) agree that working people should earn enough money to live and even maybe support a family. Imagine that.

This tells me that although so called “conservative” voters, despite being, on average by state, the largest recipients of federal welfare dollars, understand the basic concept behind the idea of paying people enough money to live on.

Now, all we have to do is convince them that they are not really being served by corporate government.

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