While we may be upset that our Congress is away on another 35 week fundraising vacation, we should be relieved that they are not yet able to grant “fast-track” priority (sign and enact with little or no debate) to one or all of the secret, corporate power-grab deals being written (in the blood of workers) by the international corporate world, such as the TTIP, or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Though this story gets little attention in the American media, it has caused some rather large protests in Europe.

While us younger folks may not really remember a time in this country when well-paid jobs were the norm, when people could raise families on one income, when that even included people without college degrees, we have heard of how trade agreements can suck the jobs right out of a place and send them to a third world dictatorship or other such place.

If the TTIP is so great, why is it being negotiated entirely in secret? Maybe because it allows corporations to directly sue governments when they feel the government has somehow denied it the profits it thinks it deserves? Maybe? This means that if your pipeline explodes you can sue the government that says you need to clean it up, because dealing with all that shit would cost you money you think you earned.

This pretty much undermines what’s left of non-corporate democracy.

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