Every time a new jobs report comes out there is always grumbling (and often from the left) about how the numbers are faked by excluding the long-term unemployed or some-such statistical trickery. That the Department of Labor may be willing and able to make the numbers seem better does not seem like a point worth discussing. Everybody makes bad news seem better and good news seem great. Duh.

That said, the latest jobs report is encouraging. It showed that in September of 2014 there were 248k jobs added, which made September the 55th consecutive month of private-sector job creation. Though most of these jobs are mostly sandwich- or janitorial-related, they are still jobs that people are willing to do, which brought the unemployment rate down to 5.9%. That isn’t full employment, but its a lot better than it has been, and that is the lowest unemployment rate we’ve had since July 2008.

And here, an actual step in the actual right direction:

“On Wednesday, we helped nearly 200,000 workers get a raise, taking final steps to implement President Obama’s executive order increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for workers on federal service and construction contracts. “

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