ImageSenator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hosted a panel to discuss single payer healthcare – the most sensible way to fix our broken and corrupt health-care system.

NYT document dump of the government surveillance of Occupy. We all knew this was happening, so is it news?

Speaking of documents – there’s a secret trade agreement (TTIP, or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) floating around calling for the US to expand fracking and off-shore drilling. Super! The TPP may be off in the shadows for the time-being, but there’s always plenty more secret trade agreements kicking around. Hope the prez is reading every word of this one, too.

We couldn’t even have secret trade agreements if we didn’t have any money. Here is a great interview from The Majority Report with Sam Seder discussing monetary policy with professor Stephanie Kelton. The most interesting part to me was her explanation of the circumstances that lead to hyperinflation, and how quantitative easing won’t necessarily create the Weimar syndrome in today’s US economy.

Its not news without fast food! McDonald’s workers were arrested at a protest outside of the company’s annual shareholder meeting. McRiot police met about 2000 protestors at the McEntrance and arrested over one hundred marchers.

Here are some numbers from that indicate taking away unemployment benefits doesn’t “motivate” people to get jobs. My personal theory is that there aren’t enough jobs.

A Q&A with Senator Elizabeth Warren about the student debt crisis from ProPublica. Why does the government profit from student loans? Shouldn’t the government (that is, ostensibly, the people of the United States) be investing in students? You know, for, like, the future?

And there continues to be massive distrust of commercial banks. More and more people are calling for state-controlled banking. Time for postal banking!

Here’s an easy form you can fill out to tell the FCC why you think they should save net neutrality instead of giving away the internet (that we paid for) to the big ole telecoms. More at Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Obama visited Afghanistan to address troops there who are supposed to be wrapping up America’s longest war. The President did not mention any details, like, say, how many troops we will keep there after the war “ends.” The President talked about disrupting Al Qaeda and stuff, and how great Afghanistan is now. What else do we get from endless wars? Aside from a bankrupted country?

It wouldn’t be memorial day weekend if we didn’t have veterans. Sadly, tragically, the men and women who have served in the military are the victims of the latest scandal surrounding the VA. But this isn’t a small or localized scandal. Problems have existed for decades, and firing one guy isn’t going to fix it. There is a connection between number of veterans and quality of care. Obama’s VA may be negligent, but he didn’t create the new generation of veterans who have just come home and need medical care.

And in the good news, a Chilean artist, Francisco “Papas Fritas” Tapias (“papas fritas” means “french fries”) has destroyed $500 million in student loan promissory notes in an act of protest against student loans and for-profit education. Here’s an exclusive interview on Democracy Now!

Okay, time to go get some real french fries.

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