ImageBy now we should all be aware that many large corporations deprive their low-wage employees of fair wages, full-time hours, and benefits. In fact, low-wage employees are victimized more frequently than the victims of actual robberies at banks, stores, and gas stations combined. A new report by CNN Money has revealed the worst of these offenders, and it should come as no great surprise that employee well-being seems to be inversely proportionate to sandwich quality.

The April jobs report was released this week and contains what many are calling good news. Though overall growth slowed in the first quarter, many people seem optimistic that the so-called “fundamentals” are still sound. The hope is that the brutal winter in the east was the main slower-downer of the economy, and are pointing to the drop in unemployment (now 6.3%) and the addition of 288k jobs in April, as well as both February and March jobs numbers being revised upwards, saying that, hey, the winter really sucked but jobs are better than we thought, so… let’s just hope the tornado season isn’t too bad.

In other disaster news, a year after San Jose raised its minimum wage to $10/hr, the city is coping with 3% growth, minimal compliance issues, an average unemployment rate and a continuing tech boom. (But don’t worry, America, we’ll soon put an end to that.) And with a higher minimum wage, we could all hope to one day own a beautiful haunted McMansion!

A new report estimates that more than 4% of death row inmates are innocent. Sorry, no jokes for this one.

Alaska moves ahead with a right-wing drive for school vouchers, which would allow public funds to go to private, religious, and charter schools, and would allow private companies to operate those schools. Let’s hope the constitutional clause expressly forbidding this remains intact. But it is Alaska, so I wouldn’t bet the salmon run on it.

And Elizabeth Warren discusses why she left the Republican Party. Guess which street she says took over control of the GOP?

And finally, remember how everyone seems to think solar power is just a lame-brained pipe-dream thought up by some hippies that hate jobs and freedom? Well, it is growing immensely in popularity, so much so that a pair of well-known petrochemical tycoons would like to make sure there is a tax on the sun. Nope, can’t make this shit up!

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